GoPro 11 Labs Settings for Maximum Video Quality

Have you ever wondered how you can get crisp, detailed action footage that looks like this in low light conditions with your GoPro 11, and still maintain perfect hypersmooth performance?

SooC footage on a Labs-enabled GoPro 11

Well, look no further. Below are my goto settings for pushing the video quality on the GoPro 11 to the max and ensure that hypersmooth stabilization is prioritized over exposure in low light conditions. To use these settings, you need to install the latest GoPro Labs firmware and read the documentation to understand how these QR codes work.

These settings should be combined with the following standard settings for best results:

  • 10-bit colors
  • 5.3k 30fps or 24fps
  • Aspect ratio 8:7 or 16:9 (not 4:3 -- 10-bit colors are not supported in 4:3)
  • Maximum ISO 400 (800 in very poor lighting conditions)
  • EV comp -2.0 to preserve highlights

These settings will be stored permanently on your GoPro and will survive restarts. If you want to remove all QR code settings on your GoPro then use the !RESET command. 

All of these QR codes have been created using the official GoPro Labs extension tool available here:

To checkout some sample videos that showcase these settings you can visit my Youtube channel for GoPro Labs experiments:

Feeling ready? Flip out your GoPro Labs-enabled GoPro 11 and scan these QR codes to give your video quality a nice boost!


Increases bitrate to 190mb/s. With 8:7 5.3k 30fps I can achieve stable recording with this bitrate. Full 200mbit/s is unfortunately not stable.


Modify log curve to push the shadows slightly further than standard protune flat.


Disable noise reduction. Helps pulling details from the shadows in post.


Minimum shutter speed 1/180s. This will guarantee that HyperSmooth will perform optimally even in very poor lighting conditions. The tradeoff is that you will need to push the exposure in post, but with noise reduction disabled and a higher bitrate you will find a vast amount of detail in the shadows compared to stock GoPro footage.


Shows shutter and ISO in real time on the display.


Display a histogram with minimum opacity. 

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Brix - Saturday, March 18, 2023

Hello Snoke Film, Thanks for all the tests you have been doing that have been timesaving. I have the chance to read this thread ( I'm working in the film industry in France and I just wanted to let you know we are going to use some of your settings. I am setting up a rig of 4 GoPros with the labs and Tentacle Sync Timebar app ( to sync them altogether. So, thank you and so long, best